Forensic Anthropology Society of Europe

26 September - 1 October
Medical School, University of Crete
Heraklion, Crete
Important dates
May 31st: deadline for reduced fees
Aug 10th: deadline for Abstracts
Aug 31st: final deadline for Basic Course
The Forensic Anthropology Society of Europe (FASE) is calling for participation in a one-week Basic Course in forensic anthropology at the Medical faculty of the University of Crete (Greece), from the 26th of September to the 30th of September 2022. The course is intended for students and practitioners at their first steps in the field of forensic anthropology from the fields of anthropology, biology, forensic medicine, archaeology etc. The course will accept up to 40 participants. Following the end of the course, a one-day symposium will take place on October 1st 2022.

The course will be divided in two parts. Part 1 normally held in the mornings will be dedicated to oral presentations held by senior FASE members and faculty of the University of Crete, University of Athens and University of Dundee. Lectures will include a review on human osteology and odontology and will cover basic topics in forensic anthropology such as biological profile reconstruction, trauma analysis, taphonomy, positive identification etc. A total of 19 lectures are scheduled to date.

The second part will be dedicated to practical sessions. Each lecture topic will be discussed with hands on examples from the Cretan Collection, a contemporary collection housed at the University of Crete, the virtual collection of post-mortem CT scans of forensic anthropology cases and the experimental collection of ballistics and sharp force trauma of the Forensic Medicine Unit. A total of 5 practical sessions 2,5 hours each with a small break in between are scheduled. The Virtual Anatomy Table of the University of Crete will be used for a session of musculoskeletal anatomy for the workshop participants. This session will be delivered by colleagues of the Department of Anatomy, UOC. The Teaching Laboratory of Histology will be used for a session on Bone Histology.

The FASE 2022 basic course and symposium is co-organized by the Forensic Medicine Unit of the University of Crete and the Region of Crete.

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